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Cherry Valley Farms Group

Since our beginnings, Cherry Valley Farms has been dedicated to providing the highest quality produce pekin ducks to the world market. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has made us the world leaders in duck genetics, with production bases around the world. We supply eggs and day-old ducks worldwide to our loyal customers, who produce the world-renowned 'Cherry Valley Pekin Duck'.


Years of being the gold-standard of Pekin Duck Genetics


Countries with operational centres for breeding and sale of Cherry Valley Ducks


Countries previously exported high value breeding stock to

About Cherry Valley Farms Group

The World Leader in Pekin Duck Genetics and Breeding Technologies. Over 65 years experience in the Duck Market, with our beginnings in 1959, by the late Sir Joseph Nickerson.


Learn how we Cherish our birds

Cherry Valley Farms Group is dedicated to the health & wellbeing of our birds that are hatched, reared and exported around the world.

Chicks @ Chifeng

Learn why the SM3 is the
Gold- Standard

Get more detail around our SM3 Heavy and Medium breeding units, and why they are considered the gold-standard, world leading, Pekin Duck.

Cherry Valley Technical Support

Aftercare is just as important as duckling quality. That's why, we provide world-class technical support for all of our customers.


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