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Technical Workshop for Hungarian Parent Stock Producers

Updated: Jun 6

In May, a team of Cherry Valley Staff hit the road and travelled to Hungary to complete a technical workshop for our Parent Stock (PS) Customers.

Cherry Valley prides itself on the technical support it gives customers, and a technical roadshow is just an example of how our team can provide ongoing support.

Bing Yan, Managing Director of Cherry Valley Farms (UK) Ltd; Norbert Winkler, Managing Director of Cherry Valley Farms GmbH; Anne Rae, Head of Genetics, Research and Development; and Malcolm Stimpson, Consultant, met with Otto Baling, a CVF Sales Agent for Hungarian customers.

Each member of the CVF team completed a presentation on a given technical topic, in aims to help provide information on the duck rearing and producing process to improve efficiency and maximise production.

Some topics included were:

  • Genomics - How the work the CVF genetic teams are helping to improve commercial gains seen in the slaughterhouse, whilst retaining excellent production performance at PS level.

  • Parent Stock rearing and point of lay management - How rearing of PS can affect the production capabilities later in life, including how feed plays a pivotal role in maximising performance from the CVF bird.

  • Parent stock production and in-lay management - Managing birds in lay, feeding, and egg handling protocols.

  • Best Hatchery practice - Source flock nutrition, egg cleanliness and grading, hatchery cleanliness and disinfection, setting programs and breakout analysis.

  • Each session was followed by a Q&A, where PS farm managers could ask any questions about their operation.


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