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Cherry Valley At VIV Asia 2019

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Cherry Valley At VIV Europe 2018

Cherry Valley was pleased to attend the VIV Europe exhibition in June this year, where we welcomed many friends and customers from Europe and elsewhere around the World.  The general theme of the exhibition was one of growth in the market for poultry products and there was a feeling of optimism among the delegates.

The Cherry Valley team at VIV Europe 2018, from left: Dr Anne Rae - Head of Genetics, Norbert Winkler - Operations Manager for Germany, Svetlana McCue - Eastern Europe Specialist, Pam Cousins - Technical Manager, Nick Lynn - General Manager ROW.

2018 International Hatchery Practice Press Releases

International Hatchery Practice Magazine published three Cherry Valley press releases in one of their recent issues: Expansion in China for Cherry Valley, Key Supplier of Ducks to Europe and Successful Duck Imports to Vietnam.

The Articles:
ILDEX Vietnam 2018 Group_edited

Anne Rae and Malcolm Stimpson of Cherry Valley with guests, after giving their presentation at Vietnam National University of Agriculture.

ILDEX Vietnam 2018 Stand_edited_edited

Bing Yan from the Cherry Valley team on the show stand.

Cherry Valley At ILDEX Vietnam 2018

Cherry Valley announced their intention to locally produce parent stock through ILDEX Vietnam and two seminars hosted by two of Vietnam’s top agricultural universities. ILDEX Vietnam attracts visitors from all over the world but it was domestic visitors that were of particular interest.

The Cherry Valley team, which consisted of Malcolm Stimpson, Boh Kee Yook and Bing Yan worked with the Haida team in Vietnam, led by Mr Quan Wei Bing for the exhibition. The event allowed the team to engage with local livestock producers about Cherry Valley parent stock being domestically produced. This created both intrigue and excitement about being able to buy locally produced breeding stock directly from the world’s leading duck breeder.

Seminars were also hosted in conjunction with Haida Feed and Prof. Bui Huu Doan and Prof Vu Dinh Ton from two of Vietnam’s most prestigious agricultural universities, Vietnam National University of Agriculture and Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry. Seminar topics included the Vietnamese and world market for ducks, genetic selection in the Cherry Valley breeding programme and performance potential of the SM3 compared to other breeds given by our very own Dr Anne Rae and Malcolm Stimpson.

The very first Cherry Valley scholarship was handed out by Dr Anne Rae to the three best performing students at Vietnam National University of Agriculture. The first three recipients were Nguyen Thai Anh, Lam Thi Quyen and Doa Trong Nghia.

Cherry Valley At VIV Russia 2017

This year VIV Russia saw another successful turnout, granting Cherry Valley Farms the opportunity to meet producers and customers from around the world. The event hosted attendees from across the globe, with many people travelling from other CIS countries and beyond to explore what VIV Russia had to offer. 

While many attendees showed interest in the likes of dairy and cattle trade, the main focus was on the poultry world, allowing the Cherry Valley team to talk to a number of customers, other traders and intrigued visitors about what it means to be the world’s number one breeder of Pekin ducks. Trending topics included new egg processing technology, feed distribution techniques and the health of layer birds. 

Cherry Valley was able to meet with new contacts and existing customers, including Larisa Kornilova and Alexander Sokhinov from Donstar.

Svetlana McCue on the stand before the show begins.

Svetlana McCue and Norbert Winkler from the Cherry Valley team on the show stand.

The Cherry Valley team met with Larisa Kornilova and Alexander Sokhinov from Donstar.

Feed Formulation

Cherry Valley At VIV Asia 2017


With more than 45,000 visitors the 2017 VIV exhibition in Bangkok was the largest to date.  The event brings together all aspects of animal production and attracts technicians and business people from all around South East Asia.  It has strong support from the poultry industry, with all the important international breeding companies represented, including Cherry Valley.

The Cherry Valley team was very pleased to welcome many of our customers from around the region, to have the opportunity to meet some interesting new people and catch up with old friends.  The talk was of the challenges posed by avian influenza outbreaks in Europe, but support for Cherry Valley’s breeding ducks was firm and everyone looked forward to a return to business as usual.

International Hatchery Practice Magazine published an article in 2017's third edition of the magazine: the Formulation and Manufacture of Feed for Ducks, written by Cherry Valley's Technical Team.


The Article:

The Cherry Valley team at VIV Asia, from the left; Felix Boh, Boh Kee Yook, Nick Lynn, Pam Cousins and Malcolm Stimpson.

Miss Kanyawee Ladpus (5th from left) brought her team from Big Duck Farm, part of Thai customer Duck King, to meet Cherry Valley.

The Cherry Valley team, joined by Dr Yan (2nd from left) and Dr Myint (far right) of customer Golden Duck from Myanmar.

Riemerella in Ducks

Sara Perez is a member of the Poultry Specialist Team at Poultry Health Services.

Sara has written an article on the worldwide importance of Riemerella infection in ducks which can be found below. The article has recently been published in 2017's second edition of International Hatchery Practice magazine.


Sara Perez qualified as a veterinarian from Barcelona University, Spain and gained a Master in Science at the University of Bristol, UK and a Certificate in Poultry Medicine and Production from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in London. She works as a consultant to the poultry industry in UK and Europe, dealing with flock health and production management in chickens, turkeys and ducks.

The Article:

Cherry Valley At Eurotier 2016


Cherry Valley’s European team including Pam Cousins, Svetlana McCue, Norbert Winkler and Nick Lynn had a busy week at the Eurotier Exhibition in Hanover during November 2016. The exhibition was well attended and we were very pleased to welcome many of our customers from Europe and further afield. There was a lot of interest in Pekin duck production, especially from businesses based in the East of Europe, including; Poland, Hungary and Russia.

Eurotier 2016.

Technical Manager, Pam Cousins, on the Cherry Valley stand.