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Cherry Valley technical exchange in China

In late February, colleagues from Cherry Valley UK and Cherry Valley Germany gathered in Beijing, China for a technical exchange.

Bing Yan (General Manager of Cherry Valley Farms UK), Norbert Winkler (General Manager of Cherry Valley Germany), and Tom Millman (Genetic Selection Technician) firstly travelled to Cherry Valley China's newest GP production farm located in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia.

General Manager Li Lei and Production Manager Li Meiyi welcomed colleagues to the newly established GP farm, now known to be the largest Pekin Duck GP farm in the world, and provided an introductory presentation to discuss the history, scale and future plans of the GP farm.

Later, more detailed exchanges occurred, discussing tops of daily management, staffing issues, and egg performance. A particular interest of this visit was to discuss practices of Pekin Duck rearing with attention to feed and body weight control. It is agreed by all parties that bodyweight control during rear, is vital to the peak performance and vigour of breeding stock.

Members of the Cherry Valley China team kindly invited colleagues from the UK and Germany for a nutritious and delicious authentic Sichuan Hot Pot.

Later in the week, members from the Europe group travelled to Shandong to complete the tour of the Breeding Technology Group and Hatchery.

Detailed talks were held once again regarding the body weight profiles during rear and feed management for pre-laying birds. Furthermore, a tour of the hatchery led to detailed discussions on Hatchery hygiene and the differing methods of maintaining cleanliness around the World.

This visit and technical exchange not only provided all parties with a rare opportunity for exchange and learning but also allowed us to see the broad prospects and infinite possibilities of the Cherry Valley Duck Breeding companies.

We believe exchanges such as this, will help bring better quality and healthier duck products to our consumers and customers around the World.

We would like to thank our colleagues in China for hosting such an informative event!


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