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VIETNAM - A New And Progressive Approach

There is a long tradition of duck consumption Vietnam, leading to it becoming the world’s second-largest duck market.  At Cherry Valley, we have long been active in Vietnam, mainly through the supply of high-quality breeding stock at the grandparent level.


To meet changing and growing industry demands and to support Vietnamese farmers and the Vietnamese economy, Cherry Valley has recently invested heavily in state-of-the-art facilities, both in the north and south of the country.   Production of all Cherry Valley stock in Vietnam is now produced by Cherry Valley Farms in Vietnam.   This new and innovative strategy has ensured that Vietnam, its consumers, and its producers, receive all the benefits, of health and profitability, of the latest genomic genetic developments from Cherry Valley’s international research facilities.


Under the vision and leadership of Managing Director Dr Yan Xin Jian and General Manager Quan Wei Bing, 40% of the ducks produced in Vietnam now come from genuine Cherry Valley stock.  With our latest investments in Vietnam, in new farms, hatcheries and a corporate head office, Cherry Valley continues with its commitment to strengthen and support the future duck industry of Vietnam to the benefit of its people and farmers.


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