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Cherry Valley at VIV Asia 2023

Following a few years disruption, caused by Covid restrictions, VIV Asia was held in March this year, at a new venue:

The Impact Exhibition Centre, Bangkok.

Cherry Valley staffed our booth with an international team from the UK, Germany, and Asia, including Bing Yan, General Manager, Malcolm Stimpson, Consultant, Emily Hall, UK Production Manager, Norbert Winkler, German Operations Director and Boh Kee Yook, Southeast Asia Representative, along with Quan Wei Bing, Managing Director of our Vietnamese Operations. The team promoted the Cherry Valley SM3, which continues to be the most popular and profitable pekin duck in the world, accounting for 90% of pekin duck production in Asia.

Friends, partners, and customers visited from many countries in the Asia Pacific area. The duck industry in ASPAC has always been dynamic and the recent difficulties, caused by Covid and HPAI, has not changed this. There are significant developments and growth opportunities within the Asian duck industry, particularly in Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Korea; Cherry Valley will, as always, continue to be at the forefront of the industry, supporting customers with improved products and technical support.


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