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Cherry Valley At ILDEX Vietnam 2018

Cherry Valley announced their intention to locally produce parent stock through ILDEX Vietnam and two seminars hosted by two of Vietnam’s top agricultural universities. ILDEX Vietnam attracts visitors from all over the world but it was domestic visitors that were of particular interest.

The Cherry Valley team, which consisted of Malcolm Stimpson, Boh Kee Yook and Bing Yan worked with the Haida team in Vietnam, led by Mr Quan Wei Bing for the exhibition. The event allowed the team to engage with local livestock producers about Cherry Valley parent stock being domestically produced. This created both intrigue and excitement about being able to buy locally produced breeding stock directly from the world’s leading duck breeder.

Seminars were also hosted in conjunction with Haida Feed and Prof. Bui Huu Doan and Prof Vu Dinh Ton from two of Vietnam’s most prestigious agricultural universities, Vietnam National University of Agriculture and Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry. Seminar topics included the Vietnamese and world market for ducks, genetic selection in the Cherry Valley breeding programme and performance potential of the SM3 compared to other breeds given by our very own Dr Anne Rae and Malcolm Stimpson.

The very first Cherry Valley scholarship was handed out by Dr Anne Rae to the three best performing students at Vietnam National University of Agriculture. The first three recipients were Nguyen Thai Anh, Lam Thi Quyen and Doa Trong Nghia.


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