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Our Ducks


SM3 European Medium

Total number of hatching eggs per female housed in a 50-week laying cycle:

Total number of ducklings produced per female housed in a 50 week laying cycle:

Liveweight at slaughter age (40 days)

Full product specifications are available on request.

SM3 Parent Stock is delivered in breeding units. In order that 100 top-quality females and 20 top-quality males begin the laying stage at 25 weeks of age, each breeding unit consists of 110 females and 25 males when they arrive as day-old ducklings. This makes an allowance for selection and mortality during rearing.

Ducklings are shipped in specially designed plastic boxes on scheduled flights to ensure that they arrive in the best possible conditions. The minimum order for parent stock is 10 breeding units (1100 females + 250 males).

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