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Cherry Valley Super M3 Pekin Duck Breeding Stock


Cherry Valley Farms is the world's foremost duck company. Our ducks are hardy animals, with a high natural resistance to many of the diseases that commonly affect other poultry. They have successfully demonstrated their ability to adapt to different climates and conditions around the World. Cherry Valley stock and management systems are currently in use in more than 80 countries.


The ‘Super M3’ is the latest development in Cherry Valley's long-term commitment to quality, efficiency, and service. The ‘SM3’, as it is known, is the most efficient Pekin type duck. It is the result of more than 40 years of ongoing research and development by Cherry Valley specialists.


The Cherry Valley SM3 breeding female can produce more than 240 day-old commercial ducklings in a 50 week laying cycle and a combination of different hybrid males and females can be used to produce a range of slaughter weights for finished ducklings. The SM3 Heavy will reach more than 3.5 kg live weight at 42 days; the SM3 Medium is earlier maturing and will weigh 3.4 kg at the same age. All Cherry Valley lines undergo selection to improve feed efficiency and meat yield, ensuring that FCR approaching 2.00 is not uncommon, with excellent meat yield and low fat levels.


Cherry Valley has more than 50 years experience of duck production in the World’s important duck markets. Technical support, based on this unique knowledge is available for parent stock customers from Cherry Valley’s Technical Desk, which helps to ensure that our ducks perform to their potential. The combination of outstanding genetic potential and comprehensive technical service provides our customers with an important competitive advantage.


SM3 parent stock is delivered in breeding units. In order that 100 top quality females and 20 top quality males begin the laying stage at 24 weeks of age, each breeding unit consists of 110 females and 25 males when they arrive as day-old ducklings. This makes a generous allowance for selection and mortality during rearing.


Ducklings are shipped in specially designed plastic boxes on scheduled flights to ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition. The minimum order for parent stock is 10 breeding units (1100 females + 250 males). 


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