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Cherry Valley Farms (UK) Ltd was founded in 1959 by the late Sir Joseph Nickerson and was for many years the leading light of the Nickerson Group. Cherry Valley Farms leads the global development of the modern duck industry with its pedigree selection programme which, along with Management and husbandry techniques, is designed to improve quality and profitability. The 'Cherry Valley' brand and Cherry Valley ducks are recognised throughout the World for quality and efficiency at all stages of the production process. 

Cherry Valley has operational centres in:

• England - The World Centre of Pekin Duck Genetics
• China - The Home of more than 2.5 Billion Cherry Valley Ducks
• Germany - The Biggest Duck Market in Europe

Deliveries of high-quality breeding stock are backed up with unique technical support from a highly experienced team to ensure that customers obtain the best results possible from their breeding stock. With its World-beating breeder performance, superior food conversion ratio and excellent carcass quality the Cherry Valley Pekin duck is the breed of choice.




Management Handbooks

As of March 2017, updated versions of the Management Handbooks are available to our customers as part of our ongoing improvements to customer technical support. They are available in hardcopy or on memory stick.

To receive these, please contact us - our details can be found on the Contact page.